About Us

SKATRD. Is a trans-seasonal skatewear brand from Kannur, Kerala. We focus on making products which are skater friendly and we are the first Indian brand exclusively for skateboarders. Intending to bring the skateboarding culture to India and following the footsteps of global brands like "Palace", "Stussy", "Supreme" and "Vans", who especially launched products to cater to the style and ideology of skateboarding, 'SKATRD' was launched in 2022. SKATRD comes with a tagline and motto stating UNITING SCATTERED SKATEBOARDERS, where our aim is to unite every skateboarder in India and grow the culture and the sport together as a whole where we can organise the biggest contests and skate jams in India. Catering to the season-fluid and massively growing trends, we at SKATRD are here to make sure that we provide the values that the sport demands. SKATRD focuses not only on the skateboarding community, that resides in the deepest pockets of the nation but also serves your love for streetwear. We want everyone to be as close and connected to the skateboarding culture as we are. It's a brand which brings us all together, regardless of what we do in our daily lives. Our line of clothing is aimed at presenting a deeper insight into the culture. Much like the skateboarding culture that helps connect people through its values of being free from all forms of judgments, freedom to choose your style, having no rules, we at SKATRD make sure that our clothing line depicts the same values. Our products are available to everyone without any restrictions. We welcome you with open arms here, sans any reservations and judgments. Our clothing line is for all, regardless of their interest in skateboarding. We blend the cultures to give you a line of comfortable, trend-appropriate products that come flavoured with the streetwear mood. It's a brand that says fashion is comfortable and full of style. Our biggest inspiration for the brand comes from the people themselves. It's not just for skateboard lovers but everyone who has the mindset to live a free and comfortable life.